Every face represents a different world, a different experience, a different life. I’ll leave it to your imagination to think what lies behind each one.

emma, august 11, 2019

jann, september 2, 2020

din, october 12, 2019

lily, march 5, 2020

Mark, september 8, 2019

diana, july 10, 2020

paul, july 19, 2019

Welcome to my collection of photos taken from 2019-2022. As I navigate through my journey of life, I’m trying to capture the essence of some of the amazing people I encounter.

James, september 17, 2020

neomi, august 22, 2019

Donna, June 1, 2021

Aniqa, july 27, 2021

Pola, october 7, 2022

Claudia, june 20, 2021

josh is diving, july 1, 2020

Mark, september 8, 2019

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